We Are - Impact Athletic

We build quality work surfaces and storage equipment for Athletic Trainers. We work hard to understand your current frustrations and exist to provide solutions that you value. Stop with the compromises.

Born From Research

At Impact Athletic, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen and observe. Through a deep understanding of our customers, we strive to design products that evoke excitement and provide real value to Athletic Trainers and the ones they treat. We know how important you are to your teams and how important your teams are to you. We strive to provide you with unparalleled equipment that can help you perform at your full potential. So get off the banquet tables and upgrade to the professional quality you deserve.


Design & Engineering

The development of Impact Athletic’s product line began with a need.  Athletic trainers and training departments were stuck with sub-standard and short-lived training tables and equipment.  Most of the tables broke quickly, warped, molded, and worse.  We knew we could make something significantly better.

We set to work on designing and refining an athletic training table that will last for years and stand up to all sorts of abuse.  Our ground up development process and experienced engineers enabled Impact Athletic to launch a full product line with all the features you demand.


Quality Focused

Impact Athletic products are manufactured under the strictest of guidelines with an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. Manufacturing of the Impact Athletic product line adheres to guidelines set forth in the ISO 13485 standards. Every product we make goes through a rigorous quality assurance check to be sure the products our customers receive are the best we can deliver. When your team is looking their best on the field, you can be assured that Impact Athletic’s products are looking and performing their best on the sidelines.


Complete Customization

Team sports are defined by variations in team colors, mascots, and fan attire, which creates a unique club feel to all that support and affiliate with that team. Why would the products you, the Athletic Trainer use be any different than the “war paint” the team dons every time they touch the field? Impact Athletic’s line of products are nearly 100% customizable with a wide array of color options, custom team graphics to show support, and the ability to change the configurations based on your specific needs. Show us another athletic training product on the market that has that much customization. You can’t!


Made in the USA

Impact Athletic prides itself on being 100% USA made. From conception down to the shipping material, every aspect of the product is made here in the United States. Concepts, designs, manufacturing, finishes, custom graphics, quality control, assembly, you name it… all done here in the USA. Buying a product from Impact Athletic keeps money and jobs here in the states. Be proud of your product and what it stands for, we certainly are!

Made in the USA

Unsurpassed Durability

When you buy a product from Impact Athletic, you can be sure that it has gone through rigorous testing and design to insure durability and longevity. We have researched and specified the highest quality materials available to be portable and long lasting without sacrificing the strength and rigidity of the product. We have designed and tested our products to withstand weights not typically found in other athletic trainer products. So when that 400 lb. center needs somewhere to sit and be treated, you can rest comfortably knowing the product supporting that player wont buckle under the “pressure”. We are confident in our products and offer a two year warranty to back them up.


Our products are built to last, crafted from quality materials, customizable, and manufactured in the United States.

There is one clear choice – IMPACT ATHLETIC